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Jobs & Career Opportunities

Hiring Employees & Contractors

Experience Preferred • Training Available

We’re looking for driven and motivated professionals to join our team. Apply as an employee or partner with us as an independent contractor to scale and grow your business.

Apply As An Employee Partner As A Contractor

Flexible Schedules

We can schedule hours and shifts around your current schedule, giving you more flexibility when assigned to jobs.

Competitive Pay

We value our team whether you’re an employee or partnered contractor and offer fair wages based on experience.

Job Advancement

Grow your career in the trades by gaining valuable experience and advancement opportunities within our team.


Applicant Requirements

Accepting Qualified Applicants

To best serve our team, partners, and customers, all applicants and independent contractors are reviewed for experience, professionalism, and integrity.

Work/Trade Experience

Relevant experience is required

Valid Drivers License

Some driving may be needed

Located Near Milwaukee

Work needs to be done onsite


Reliable transportation to jobsites

Professional Attitude

Positive & motivated applicants only

Contractor Insurance

This does NOT apply to employees

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